Head Consultants


Alwyn Poole

B.B.S., M.Ed.(Hons), Dip. Tchg., PG Dip Sport Mgt

Alwyn Poole, a well-known figure in the New Zealand education system. An Academic Advisor and prominent figure and voice in the partnership schools movement, Alwyn is a highly educated, experienced and motivated teacher with a desire to help all children reach their full potential in all areas; academically, socially, physically and emotionally. Throughout his extensive teaching career and in his study, he has sought the best ways to teach and learn.

Karen poole.jpg

Karen Poole

B.B.S. (Marketing)

Karen Poole is a Business Manager for the Villa Education Trust with over 25+ years of administrative and business experience in the education sector. Karen is the CEO for the Villa Education Trust, where she is involved with designing and implementing strategy,  developing opportunities, reporting and compliance. She has responsibility for HR, resourcing, and financial documentation.

Specialist Presenters


Mike Fenwick

MA (Educational Leadership), BEd 

Michael is an Academic Manager, Head of Wellbeing & Positive Education, and an English teacher at Middle School West Auckland. His schooling approach champions concepts such as “broaden and build” and using character strengths to build self-worth.  Learn more  →

Rebecca Dow

BA, Dip Tchg, MEd.

Rebecca offers professional development seminars and brings innovative ideas on practices and data to show academic progress and well-being in schools. Rebecca is currently the Academic Manager at South Auckland Middle School.  Learn more  →