We are experts in school startups, management, value-based curriculum, school community building and our team of consultants can support educational environments meet their full potential so the young people of New Zealand and across the globe can do so too. Here is our 'Base of Excellence' the formula we believe is the key to educational success


Positive Practice- Bridging the Home School Gap

How do we be build hope in our students when their parents (and even their grandparents) have been disenfranchised by the education system?  What simple strategies can we adopt to reconnect families to the wonder of learning?  To what extent can we bridge the gap between home and school and normalise our expectations for behaviour and conduct?  Bridging the home school gap is a common challenge many schools face.  By looking at the disconnect through a different lens, by building common expectations (for example in behaviour) from the bottom up, and by considering culture and inclusivity, we can build pathways that ultimately bring hope to our students and develop "life-long" learners.


Positive Parenting- Hardwiring Our Brains to Build and Celebrate Character Strengths

Why do we always see what's wrong in the world rather than what's right?  How do we connect our children to the values we see as important?  How do we build simple family traditions that bring us closer together?  In a world where bad news sells, and our kids are more connected to devices than to us, it is refreshing to know that there are some minor tweaks, some changes in mindset and some simple strategies than can effect major positive change in the home.  Understanding how our brains are wired naturally, and then effecting purposeful, positive change can have a lasting impact on you and your family.

Base of Excellence for Learning Environments


Curriculum/Content - Crafting the perfect balance between content and curriculum knowledge. Project-based curriculum to complement core subject teaching.

Day Organisation - A well designed daily timetable supported by facilities to create exceptional learning environments.

Management - Support systems necessary to maximise efficiency.

Strategic Resourcing -  How to provide, allocate and utilise resources in a way to minimise cost while not compromising provision for educators and students.

Skill-Based Learning - Essential skills - communication, problem-solving, critical thinking empathy and leadership, to enable students to adapt and thrive.

Equity and Excellence - Positive learning and student outcomes, effective teaching practices to promote education and achievement.

Well-being - A well-being program integrated with a plan for academic excellence.

Base of Excellence for Learning Enbvironemnts