Who We Are

We are passionate and dedicated educators and administrators who hold a deep hope that there is a better way to do education in New Zealand and beyond. We want to share our skills, experience, and knowledge of how this can be done.

Our Vision

To share the tools of best practice - equipping educators and leadership teams to deliver effective teaching, well-developed project based curriculum, and optimal learning environments so that young people can be offered a base for excellence in all spheres of life.

Our Mission

For all schools to see the value of a project based curriculum and strategic resource management, and to provide access to quality support so that schools may effectively offer these within their learning environments. 

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Our Story

Being involved in education for ten years, having travelled overseas to view schools and after completing further study, Alwyn could see a need for a better way of providing for Y7 to Y10 students.  This resulted in us designing, planning and then taking the leap of faith to start our own private school and put into practice all we had learnt and all that we valued.

With an excellent team of people around us who each believed in the model we were able to prioritise and focus our attention on working smart and setting up. This included buildings, resources, staffing, enrollments, and compliance. There was substantial learning through this period, and we saw the demand for what we were able to offer - parents were very keen on what we were providing. After much hard work, we opened Mt Hobson Middle School under Villa Education Trust in 2002.

The aim of the Trust was always to be able to provide our education model to families who couldn’t offer private education, but we had no means to do this.  The Charter school model provided this opportunity and meant we were able to open a further two schools to provide education for more students and families. We believe that all students have a right to proper education as this opens opportunities for their future which then directly influences family and community.

We came to realise that the expertise we have developed over the years can be of benefit and save considerable time as well as providing support to families and educators. Since we started this journey hundreds of educators, administrators and facilities have reached out to us and we have been able to help them with their own journeys. Whether that be setting up a new school, using resources and budgets efficiently and effectively, or transitioning into a project and value based curriculum that supports student welfare.

We want our expertise and knowledge to be accessible to everyone and so Innovative Education Consultants was born. Our hope for this work is to teach and enable others to develop themselves and therefore make a difference to the broader community of families.  

Alwyn and Karen Poole
Innovative Education Consultants believe in every student reaching their full potential